World Trade Center Kyiv expands the reach of Ukrainian businesses.

WTC Kyiv Directory

Building an Economy of Trust for Ukraine.
Access to Capital

Through the global network of World Trade Centers, the WTC Kyiv Directory links businesses to an unprecedented range of financial institutions and investors.

International strategic partners contribute financial resources, management “know-how,” and operational expertise to any business undertaking. The WTC Kyiv Directory helps Ukrainian businesses find and work with the right strategic partners.

Access to Strategic Partners
Distribution Channels

The WTC Kyiv Directory connects manufacturers, producers, and service providers to global market opportunities. WTC Kyiv can help structure a win-win arrangement with the right deal-maker and support the relationship for both sides.

Economy of Trust
WTC Kyiv is building a business ecosystem that offers foreign investors reliable partners and gives reliable Ukrainian businesses access to financing and global distribution. For more information, contact us at
Other Services
As a member of the global network of World Trade Centers in 300+ cities worldwide, WTC Kyiv offers services for international businesses seeking opportunities in Ukraine and Ukrainian businesses looking to expand or partner internationally. For more information, contact us at