An Economy of Trust

Trust through transparency
Benefit for all stakeholders and participants
Cooperation over competition

The Value of Trust

WTC Kyiv promotes transparency in all its activities. We embody trust in all our operations and transactions, and we require the same from all our participants and stakeholders.
The Value of Trust

WTC Kyiv is building an investment mechanism to unlock Ukraine’s enormous economic potential. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is deterred by Ukraine’s unreliable judicial system and the unreliable business environment it fosters. As a result, the country’s international reputation is untrustworthy, its GDP is only a fraction of its potential, and there is enormous pent-up demand for infrastructure, innovation, and expansion. Investing and conducting business within WTC Kyiv’s Economy of Trust shields investments and projects from mismanagement and corruption. It offers foreign investors reliable local partners, and it gives reliable Ukrainian businesses access to financing and global distribution. For those who participate, the Economy of Trust turns Ukraine’s unrealized economic potential into an enormous business opportunity.

Building an Economy of Trust


Growing a business means growing in knowledge and skills. WTC Kyiv will launch a learning platform that makes continuous education for business professionals effective and frictionless. Continuing education will be a requirement for WTC Kyiv Certification.


WTC Kyiv is developing a system and standards to certify Ukrainian businesses. WTC Kyiv Certification will assure counterparties that a company’s ethical conduct, policies, transparency program, and governance meet high standards, opening doors to investment, partnerships, distribution arrangements, and more.

Financial Transparency

WTC Kyiv has partnered in the development of the Economy of Trust Exchange, a blockchain-based financial platform that enforces full transparency. All transactions accepted or initiated by WTC Kyiv will be conducted on the Economy of Trust Exchange.


WTC Kyiv is establishing an independent dispute-resolution system for businesses. It will operate under Ukrainian law but be conducted by international judges. All WTC Kyiv transactions will require the parties to use WTC Kyiv’s arbitration system to resolve their disputes.